Fishtown Area Business Association



About the Business:

1802 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Tell us about your business.

We’re an on demand package delivery service. We deliver your packages when you’re actually home.

What do you feel you offer that some of your competitors may not?

Typical mailbox stores are open during bank hours, which are also the hours when most people are at work. UPS/FedEx also deliver when we’re all at work. If you use Amazon locker, they may be all filled, you have to drive there in bad weather and you can only get Amazon packages delivered there. Fishbox is brand agnostic and we will deliver the packages to you when you’re actually home. We even have software so you can track your package in real time as we’re delivering it to you, Uber style.

Do you live in the Fishtown area (Fishtown and its surrounding neighborhoods) as well? What do you like as a resident?

Yes, I live at Frankford And Montgomery. I love how the neighborhood is self sustaining. There is one really good shop for whatever you need in the area. I also doubt you can get a better craft beer selection anywhere else in the city.

What do you like about working and (if you do) running a business in this area?

When I started Fishbox (combination of Fishtown and Mailbox) I wasn’t sure if Fishbox would embrace the idea. It turns out I was wrong. To this day, of all the neighborhoods in the city, Fishtown is the best represented. Fishtown neighbors love sharing the idea and offering words of encouragement. I also love how the neighborhood is so pet friendly.

What do you think are the advantages that business owners have in the Fishtown area?

Such a great mix of personalities that are really receptive to new technology and new ways of doing things. Also, the neighbors are always looking out for each other. When my business launched, people took to different forums to spread the word. I thought it was so cool that they supported a hometown business.

What obstacles do we as a business community need to overcome?

Sometimes we get stuck in a bubble. The needs in Fishtown are different than those in, say Rittenhouse. If we want to expand to different parts of the city, we have to understand the customer in that area and change either our offering or way of thinking to accommodate them.

What are two (or three) of your favorite businesses in the neighborhood and why?

Fishtown Pharmacy is my number 1. Kris is the type of business owner I want to be. Extremely passionate and knowledgeable about his craft, but always willing to put the customer first. I really think he knows all of his customers on a first name basis. I also LOVE Bottle Bar East. What’s not to love about the biggest (and best) craft beer selection around? Their food is also great. Also, Heffe Tacos is a great new spot. Their tacos are dope and the menudo soup is absolutely amazing.