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Philly Maid Green


About the Business:

1028 Shackamaxon Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

9 am to 5:30 pm (evening office cleanings available)

9 am to 5:30 pm (evening office cleanings available)

9 am to 5:30 pm (evening office cleanings available)

9 am to 5:30 pm (evening office cleanings available)

9 am to 5:30 pm



Philly Maid Green

“When it comes to laser-focused, good-natured, incredibly proficient cleaning companies, PMG has the market cornered. From the tiniest bathroom to the busiest commercial restaurant, I would hire Philly Maid Green to straighten it up over anyone else. I really can’t think of one bag thing to say about my first-impressions with this company. Hire them. Then eat dinner off your own floor if you want. It’s just THAT clean when it’s Philly Maid Green.” – Brian Dwyer, Pizza Brain

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Tell us about your business.

Philly Maid Green is the city’s premier eco-friendly and affordable cleaning service committed to making our city clean, green and healthy. We implement 100% eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our service, from our handmade, non-toxic cleaning products and DIY workshops, to our low-emissions travel and use of recycled materials. With our unbeatable combination of customer service, affordable rates, and eco-friendly practices, we provide an impeccable beatitude to any home or office.

What do you feel you offer that some of your competitors may not?

While most green cleaning services will still use bleach and other unregulated products, we make everything as healthy and local as possible. We create all of our cleaners from scratch using only natural, non-toxic ingredients and essential oils, leaving your home or business smelling, looking and feeling truly clean. Our additional services include educational DIY Clean Green workshops, where we teach people about indoor air pollution and the importance of going “green”, then show them how to make their own natural cleaners for them to take home. We also have our handcrafted, non-toxic cleaners available for purchase on our Online Store and offer our clients exclusive benefits and discounts to our services and other local, green businesses.

Do you live in the Fishtown area (Fishtown and its surrounding neighborhoods) as well? What do you like as a resident?

Sure do! Philly Maid Green started at Shackamaxon and Wildey and now operates in South Kensington. As a resident, I love being in a safe, affordable area with friendly neighbors and a prosperous sense of community.

What do you like about working and (if you do) running a business in this area?

I love this area because of its close proximity to so many like-minded people, businesses, and initiatives. I know any information or resource I need is right at my fingertips – then likely right down the street! Plus, our neighborhood is in perfect proximity and an easy commute to anywhere in the city, which is a huge plus for the nature of our business, which is why most of our staff live in Fishtown, too.

What do you think are the advantages that business owners have in the Fishtown area?

Awesome resources and people that care! Fishtown has great civic associations, non-profits, and community members that make this area welcoming, safe, and a great place for businesses. If you have a storefront in Fishtown, you’ll likely get unbeatable foot traffic and find a strong foundation of amazing, loyal customers.

What obstacles do we as a business community need to overcome?

Instead of working like competition, businesses should better utilize partnerships and work together to make a bigger impact.

What are two (or three) of your favorite businesses in the neighborhood and why?

Circle Thrift, Front Street Cafe, and our neighbors at the Resource Exchange! Love to shop secondhand, eat green, and make art. Plus, they each offered exclusive discounts to our clients in our 2017 Shop Local Coupon Book!