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Ramona Susan’s Bake Shop

About the Business:

1255 Marlborough St.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5pm-9pm
Thursday: 5pm-9pm
Friday: 5pm-9pm
Saturday: 10am-10pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

Ramona Susan's Bake Shop

Tell us about your business.

We are a small bakery offering home-style desserts. We are family and people oriented putting our customers first and trying to make a more personal and memorable experience for them. The bakery is named after Betty’s mother who kept her house stocked with delicious home made treats for her 4 children and its that feeling that we wish to give to our customers. The feeling that these goodies were baked just for you with lots of love and care.

What do you feel you offer that some of your competitors may not?

Since we are such a small operation we are afforded the opportunity to get to know our customers on a more personal level. We love having people who come in regularly and tell us about themselves. Its a wonderful feeling to have a customer who we made a gender-reveal cake for ask us to then make the cake for their baby’s first birthday. Also, because we try to keep our desserts simple we can offer more competitive prices. We really focus on taste more than anything.

Do you live in the Fishtown area (Fishtown and its surrounding neighborhoods) as well? What do you like as a resident?

Both of us live in South Philadelphia.

What do you like about working and (if you do) running a business in this area?

Its wonderful to watch Fishtown grow and thrive. The influx of new families is invigorating as well as getting to know the people who have lived here for many years and were a part of it becoming such a desirable place to live and own a business. It is able to be a part of a large city but still retain the feel of a small town.

What do you think are the advantages that business owners have in the Fishtown area?

Fishtown has attracted a lot of people who are new to the area but determined to put down roots here. They are open to trying new places and really interested in supporting small businesses. It is also a neighborhood of constant community activities which creates a lot of foot traffic through the neighborhood and brings in people from other parts of the city.

What obstacles do we as a business community need to overcome?

As a fairly new member of this business community I have not across many obstacles yet. In becoming a member of FABA I hope to learn more about other businesses in the area and learn about what they face on a daily basis and whether these are also things that my business will face and what we can do together to overcome them.

What are two (or three) of your favorite businesses in the neighborhood and why?

I love Milkcrate Cafe, I think they have a unique business model that combines their passion and profession and the food is delicious.
Interstate Draft House is our favorite restaurant in the area. We love the food, the atmosphere and the way they embrace their fishtown heritage.

Anything else?

As two people who been afforded the opportunity do what they love professionally on a daily basis it is still and will always be an honor anytime someone is pleased with what they bought from us. We really bake with our hearts and hope that comes through in our product and your experience.