Fishtown Area Business Association


Riverwards Produce

About the Business:

2200 East Norris Street
Philadelphia PA 19125

Wholesale only (until March!)

Riverwards Produce

Tell us about your business.

Philadelphia is experiencing a surge in culinary institutes with new locations and restaurateurs appearing on the scene. Riverwards Produce is here to provide unique ingredients to creative chefs and our neighbors. Sourcing the highest quality product possible.

What do you feel you offer that some of your competitors may not?

A fresh selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do you live in the Fishtown area (Fishtown and its surrounding neighborhoods) as well? What do you like as a resident?

Yes I do. The Community

What do you like about working and (if you do) running a business in this area?

The Community

What do you think are the advantages that business owners have in the Fishtown area?

The Community

What obstacles do we as a business community need to overcome?

The Community

What are two (or three) of your favorite businesses in the neighborhood and why?

Philly Style Bagles
Martha Bar

They keep me balanced.